Patricia Gauthier Is Canada’s First Lady of Micro-Pigmentation

Patricia GauthierPatricia Gauthier, or Patricia Shibley-Gauthier, as she is more often known, is the premier name in micro-pigmentation in Canada.
In her role as the founder and director of the Micro-Pigmentation Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, Shibley-Gauthier turns out the country's most highly skilled technicians in the field. As a workshop leader at conferences around the world, Shibley-Gauthier helps working professionals deepen their understanding of colour theory and new advances in techniques, materials, and technology. The line of pigments she developed herself now numbers fifty-six colours, and is shipped to thirty-six different countries. Despite her many commitments, Shibley-Gauthier is generous with her time. She answered a few questions for this article, and the answers are both encouraging and inspiring for individuals who may be considering entering the industry.
Micro-pigmentation – applying permanent makeup, or helping to give damaged skin a more natural appearance – can be a creative and fulfilling career. Clients may include women seeking help with breast reconstruction after surgery, or people hoping to camouflage burn scars. But the largest segment of clientele is women seeking to maximize their natural beauty with permanent lip liner and augmentation, permanent eyeliner, or permanent eyebrows.
A pioneer of the micro-pigmentation industry in Canada, Shibley-Gauthier helped to shape the field. At the Micro-Pigmentation Centre she has developed a training program that she describes as "intense and hands-on and delivers the promises it makes.”
When I asked her for the top three lessons she tries to impress upon her students, Shibley-Gauthier responded with: "Less is more. Give yourself the chance to learn it, give us the chance to teach it. What you tattoo into the skin is not necessarily what you see on the skin.”
But perhaps most telling is what Shibley-Gauthier says about her proudest achievements. Along with founding a successful spa and the top micro-pigmentation school in the nation, she lists another, quieter accomplishment: perfecting and correcting tattoos and procedures that were unprofessionally done in the first place.
In Shibley-Gauthier's opinion, "Making the client happier than when they first walked in is an achievement to be proud of in itself.”
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